Time & Attendance and activity control for workers at certain points

Patrols, supervision, facilities, maintenance, cleaning services, domiciliary care...Know more

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Frequently Ask Questions

Where is my data hosted?

The information is completely secure on our servers, and always available for you to consult through our applications, both through the web and from mobile devices.

How is checkin done?

The check-in can be done using QR codes or NFC technology - if your device supports this technology-. Bringing the phone or tablet closer to the point, in addition to register their presence, the user access all the information related to that point instantly.

What about the phones?

You choose the phones you want based on the best rate your normal operator provides you. We offer the service in the cloud via internet, and applications for devices through the different application markets depending your platform

If I want to use NFC, where can I buy tags?

The tags can be acquired in any online stores. However, we offer a starter kit at a very economic price and with total compatibility with our service through our technology partner

taggitoVisit >>

Demo: surveillance and patrols control

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QR codes and NFC technology are for much more than branding and virtual wallet. Take advantage of technology, don't underutilize it.