Clock in / out


No credit card or bank account required

System to clock in/out ...

  • At building works
  • In mobile works
  • At offices
  • At laboratories
  • At critical departments within the company
  • At warehouse
  • At shops

Service to clock in / out for employees

Services of time & attendance are required for a better control of the working day of the employee by the company, but they can also be used to protect the entrance of critical areas. Current solutions are expensive, not affordable for many companies and sometimes can't be installed since the areas of clock in /out may vary, like the case of a specific building work during a certain time.

With echeckin services, you place the control points where you want, and can reprogram the points and reused them as others whenever you want. Employees, by bringing the mobile phone closer to the phone do the clock in/out, and the company can access the reports with a single click.


Advantages with echeckin

  • You can use the points at certain places for a while, and reuse them as others whenever you want.
  • Time control prevents misunderstandings between colleagues, and help the company to facilitate the work-life balance, because you always know how many hours each employee has worked even when he arrives late or has to leave early some day.
  • If you run a business, whose opening and closing depends on your employees, you could know if your business opens and closes to the agreed hours.
  • Generation of activity reports, workday, traveling and overtime in an easy way.
  • Do you bill your customers per hours? With echeckin you could generate a report to send to your customers with a single click.
  • Save time avoiding paperwork with arrivals, leavings, incidents or notifications, so professionals can spend their time exclusively on the work assigned.
  • ...and all this for just a small monthly fee, scalable depending on the required functionality, and without permanence agreement.