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Patrols of...

  • Security
  • Forest rangers
  • Control at events
  • Porters
  • Doormen

Patrol Management

There are different services where it is needed to control the passing of people through certain points, both outside and indoors, and record this passing for subsequent reports. Traditional security services, use complex system to clock in/out , and others use a sheet of paper that can be easily manipulated as a way of registration with the signature of the employee when he passes through the point.

With echeckin services, a small stickers at the control points, and the mobile phone of the employee are enough, and all the information is available instantly , both to the company and the customers of the service it offers.


Advantages with echeckin

  • You can place the points outdoors or indoors (basements, garages, a specific room ...). Assurance of presence at the exact point 100% effective.
  • The employee only needs a smartphone, without specific PDAs. In addition, it can be shared between different employees because each worker has a user.
  • Without any installation or maintenance. In less than 5 minutes you configure the service through internet, place the points and you start using it.
  • It also works without coverage. Information can be sent afterwards, when you have coverage or upon arrival to the base through internet.
  • You don't need a person to go to each point to download the information. The phone handles that...
  • Generation of reports by point and by worker through a single click, so you can send your customers the information about the patrols done instantly.
  • ...and all this for just a small monthly fee, scalable depending on the required functionality, and without permanence agreement.