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Mobile Application

Although mobile application is worker-oriented, administrator also has access, mainly to program points in case of using NFC. Mobile application is free, and you can download from the corresponding application markets.


Log In

When the service administrator creates a worker, this one receives a password via e-mail. With the e-mail address and the password, you can download the application and log in at any time. In case of sharing the mobile phone with other workers, you only have to Log Out and log in with another user.



Thought admin user can modify his password from the web service, service workers have one tab on the mobile application in order they can modify the password that has been sent by email once they have been created.


Last Checkins

On this tab, you can look up that latest checkins you've done. For each, you can modify the Note you entered previously if necessary with Edit note button, to modify the validation note of the checkin some time afterwards, in the case of some validation worker error had happened

Once changed, it will be reflected on real time on all the reports.



On Checkin tab you can access checkin options. If you're going to do checkin at a QR point, you must press the button Scan QR Code. If what you want it's to do checkin at a NFC point, you don't even need that the application is open; tapping the point will open the application automatically and proceed with the checkin. In case no user is logged in the application, user information will be requested to know who is doing the checkin.


Notes at checkin

When checkin is done, interaction with the system happened. If the point has activated the option Notes on checkin, a text box will be shown to the worker so he can enter some note regarding the checkin done, and if the service has some Default Notes defined, these will be shown so the worker will only have to click on the desired note.


Successful Checkin

In case the checkin is done successfully, it'll display a right validation screen

In checkin time, it will be shown to the worker the related Tasks to this point -if this point would have any default task assigned-. In the same way, the Last Remark note will be shown if admin user had notified any kind of remark for this point recently.


Out of Range

In case the worker is out of GPRS range at the time of checkin, the application will keep the checkin information for further communication with the server. The application will then display a warning, and on the side of Notifications and warning the mobile phone will show that there are some pending checkins. Sending retry occurs automatically by the mobile application, but user can force to send those checkins when he deems right with a simple click on the notification.