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NFC Technology

NFC technology allows interaction with a point by simply tapping with the phone. The mobile phone automatically recognizes the point, does the identification and gets all information about the point. Although is a tecnology that until recently was only found at expensive and complex devices or specific PDAs , more and more mobile phones with this feature are available. You can look up available devices here.


NFC Tags

NFC tags are small passive chips (without power supply) that are activated by tapping the phone. You can purchase them wherever you want to use them in our service, however, through our partner taggito you can find a very affordable kit. The most common formats are:

  • Stickers: small stickers that stick to a point.
  • PVC Stickers: small stickers in PVC format that can be stuck to different surfaces, and with resistance to outdoor conditions.
  • Wristbands: Wristband format, are suitable to identify a person.
  • Key: Rigid format highly resistant.
  • Pendants: To use as a pendant in a necklace or bracelet.

Use NFC on echeckin

Using NFC technology on echeckin is as simple as creating a point and selecting NFC on the type of point. To program the point and include it on the service, you only have to program the point. For this, select the point from the mobile application and press Program NFC Tag. Tap the tag with the phone, the tag is programmed and ready for use.
You can program a point as many times as you want, that is if your points vary through the time, you can reuse them without any problem reprogramming them with the information of the new point.