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echeckin services is much more than a system to clock in/out. Control the activity of your employees wherever they are. Bringing the phone closer to a point, it automatically identifies, and access to all the information on this point. Besides, you can predefine notes that'll be shown to the worker so he only has to pick an action and validate his job at that point with a single click. And you and your clients have all the information about the job done instantly.


Web & Mobile Application

Manage all the service through internet or application for smartphones. Your employees only have to download the free application into their mobile phones to use it.


Workers Management

Add your workers to the system, they'll receive a e-mail in their inbox folder with a username and password to start using the service from their mobile phones.


Add clients

Create clients, and then you could add control points into it. In this way, you could have points grouped by an entity that will let you get reports by client, showing the service done into this client, including all these points.


Add points to the service

You can create as many points as you like. A point can identify an object, a location , or a person; they must be visited by the worker to do certain tasks on them.

  • QR Codes. Points that can be scanned through the phone's camera
  • NFC tags, that are recognized by the phone through a simple approximation

Add tasks and notes

Add tasks to be assigned to each point (revision, maintenance, routine inspection, etc) and notes, that will be displayed to the worker so he can validate his job at the point quickly


Access to all information

All information about the tasks done at those point are available in real time, through internet. Reports by point or worker, and the option to downloaded in different formats for its consult or sending.