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QR Codes

QR Codes are like lifelong barcodes. What makes them different? They can store more information and they're spread for use with mobile phones is growing fast. At echeckin services they can be used to identify a point, in such a way that you can create them in your own office.


Create a QR Code

To create a point as QR Code, you only have to select type QR when you create it.


Generate QR Code

You can generate the point in several sizes, and include the point name on the label. Once generated, you can save it in different formats.


Get the sticker

Once downloaded, you can print it in an ordinary printer and use a special paper, like plastic or sticker, to place it where you want later.


Fraud Attempt

In view of a possible photograph to the QR code for a subsequent fraudulent checkin, at echeckin we offer a tool to update the internal code of a QR, that way you can update the point whenever you want. That means you must regenerate the point and place it at its location, but also you'll know if someone tries to do checkin at the fraudulent point, as you'll receive a special notification in the report in case someone does checkin at a no longer valid point. Fraudulent registers can be differentiated by red color and a special warning icon in the field remarks