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Notes and Tasks

We know that in certain business may be important assignments of task in real time, in order the worker has immediate access to the latest information about the actions to be done at a point. But it's also important that he can provide the notes related to that job in the easiest way. echeckin service provides tasks and notes to meet these needs.



Create tasks is as easy as creating workers or points. You can edit or delete them whenever you want. A task consists in a name and a more comprehensive description of it.


Assign tasks to a point

You can add tasks to a point, or edit the point to add tasks when you want, because we know tasks can change at any time. Tasks are loaded on the selector Tasks on point. You only have to select the one you want among the ones previously created.


Notes on Point

But as important as tasks to be done at a point, are worker's notes at that point. The administator, when creating or updating a point, can set the note sending mandatory in case certain validation for the worker as required. To do this labour quicker to the worker, default notes can be predefined, that will be displayed to your workers when they validate certain job, when the checkin at that point is done. This way, the worker only have to pick the right option from the mobile application. In case of needing a more personal note , worker could enter it manually.


Notes on Reports

Both real-time grid as all the reports, there is a note field where you can consult notes provided by the employees at that point.